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We are an influencer and digital creative platform that harnesses, refines, and scales the power of influencer marketing and digital marketing creative to inspire business growth in Kenya.

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Twiva Works

Offline influence

Twiva lets you invite influencers to events or venues - a feature not available on any other platform. Let influencers bring what they are best at to your door.


Predict reach, cost, and engagement across influencer content all while measuring real-time influencer post-performance. Then generate reports to help align your marketing strategy with what is working for you.

Streamlined Collaboration

Work with influencers to promote your business easily at scale using our streamlined collaboration tool to make sure every shilling you spend on influencers reaches an audience who matters.

Every step of your influencer marketing campaign:

Twiva streamlines your collaboration with influencers from

  • Discovering
  • Evaluating
  • Engaging
  • Activating
  • Measuring
  • Compensating influencers

About Twiva

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Twiva was founded by a group of small business owners who found it difficult to identify and collaborate with local influencers.

Twiva allows brands to collaborate with influencers with ease. Through the use of a mobile application, Twiva allows you to invite influencers to your events or businesses to help you increase sales


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