Find the right influencers

The largest database of influencers to help you activate the right ones for your campaign

Execute campaigns easily

Run campaigns on a streamlined platform from start to finish

Keep an eye on performance

Measure the performance of your campaigns without vanity metrics

Every step of your influencer marketing campaign

Twiva streamlines your collaboration with influencers from start to finish

Influencers Activation

Post your campaign brief, influencers submit their ideas and select the best match for your brand & campaign objectives. Twiva recommends the right influencers that will reach your target audience.

Influencer Campaign Management

Twiva manages your campaign end-to-end and closely monitors performance to make sure you have a return on your investment.

Social Listening and Reporting

Cut through the noise of social media and know what people are saying about your products and services. It might just be the insight you need to increase your sales.

Trending Campaigns on Social Media

Imagine a synchronized team of influencers posting and resharing your brand and campaign messages on social media resulting in a trend of the day! Let us put your brand on the map.

Social eCommerce

Create an account and list of your products and services that influencers will sell through their social media platforms.Leave the rest to us.

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Online Market Days

Take advantage of our online market days and reach more consumers as influencers post about your products and services on their social media platforms through stories.

The social ads that work

Work with our influencers to place paid social ads using their social media accounts.