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I can sell whatever you want sold or get you in the door of wherever you want to go. Extremely driven Telemarketing Expert with over 2 years experience on the phone. I am easy going with an outgoing personality. I enjoy challenges and take my work and responsibilities seriously. Consultative telemarketing services including Cold calling, Email marketing, Content marketing strategy, Account management, Marketing strategy, Sales writing, and Internet marketing. I am able to communicate effectively on all levels, am adaptable and willing to learn. I would see myself as a definite asset to any organization requiring any of my skills and experience . If you feel my experience and dedication and qualifications match the kind of freelancer you are looking for, then get in touch and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Advantages of Internet marketing Internet marketing is the use of internet platforms to advertise various businesses. Before launching your business in the digital platform, have a brief idea of the kind of advantages this platform will offer so that you can reap the benefits. Online marketing uses internet-based digital techniques like social media, online video, websites, paid search, and more to reach the intended audience. Have an online marketing strategy that will help your business flourish and deal with failures as you market. Here are some of the advantages; Advertising your business 24/7 You can market your business all the time without barriers or time restrictions. Online marketing has a lot of consumers who are turning to the internet to buy goods they need without necessarily going out or visiting the stores. Online marketing enables good business growth, as your brand could be gaining popularity every second. No matter what your business or services are, online marketing is worth trying. Targeting your audience You can easily make a post for your audience, and the information will reach quite a number within a short time. Online marketing also involves responding to your customers on time about the change in prices or even late delays. If possible, create a platform to engage your consumers, who will, in turn, bring more followers for the excellent services you offer. Online marketing will enable you to benefit immensely from such good relations. Low budget costs Businesses tend to avoid high marketing campaign costs as this can bring financial strain if profits are not that high. Digital marketing tools offer much lower prices. A well-planned internet campaign can reach a vast audience as it circulates from one person to another. So basically, you advertise cheaper than publishing your products in newspapers, and it will only reach 10% of the intended audience.