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What a week it has been at the EURO 2021 tournament. From the opening match up to now there has been drama not just on the field but on the sides as well. It was quiet unfortunate that Denmark’s midfielder Christen Erickson suffered a cardiac arrest in their opening match and was rushed to hospital. We wish him well as he continues to recuperate and hopefully will get back to the pitch after full recovery someday.

The biggest sideshow though that took over the global headlines was that of Cristiano Ronaldo  removing Coke bottles that were placed on the table during a press conference and replacing them with a water bottle. He went ahead and said “Agua” in Portuguese which translates to water.  It is a well-known fact that he is an advocate of healthy living and his actions were nothing short of that and probably the reason he can still perform at the highest level at his age.

Incidentally, when the share markets opened the same day in New York the Coca-Cola share had dropped by 1.64% and the world went abuzz that it was a ripple effect from Ronaldo’s presser. The total value loss was placed at $4B and possibly the amount that Coke spends in its advertising activities globally. Being the most followed influencer on Instagram, it is understandable why many people would attribute the share price fall to Ronaldo’s antics during the press conference.

A few days later Paul Pogba pulled a similar move but this time on Heineken. Interestingly, Heineken’s share did not fall but actually increased by $2B. Other players like Italy’s Locatelli another healthy diet adherent removed Coke bottles from his table during the interview but no effect was felt on Coke’s share price. Coaches and players from other teams jumped in drinking Coke during interviews to show support for the brand that has been supporting football from the grass roots for a very long time.

Whereas influencers have the power to affect brands negatively, it does take a lot more for a single influencer to affect the share price. The dynamics involved are just too complex to turn things around in a single day.



Closer back at home, the story of the week has been that of “Ugali-man”. If you haven’t heard of him then you are living in space. The video of the weightlifter eating his food in a unique style went viral and trended across most social media platforms. With a stroke of luck Odibets quickly picked up on popularity, signed him as their brand ambassador and the rest is history. He was unveiled at the same time a new campaign was launched and the media loved him. Right now he is the face of the campaign from appearing in their new TVC, billboards and social media collaterals.

Word has it he has Kshs 5M contract and was given a brand new car as well. What a change of life social media has brought to him! Lady luck wouldn’t have smiled any better than this.

How the maize millers did not pick up the que is another story for another day. While Odibets twisted the narrative to suit them, it would have taken completely no effort seeking for relevance to his video.

That’s why we pride ourselves at Twiva in coming with strategies that respond to the business need while at the same time staying relevant to whats happening around us. Talk to us today and we will tell your brand story differently.